What browsers does SlideBot support?

For best results, we recommend Chrome or Safari on Mac OS X or Windows. You can download Chrome for free at    

What hours will the chat-support service be available?

The chat support service will be available during the hours of 8am – 10pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), which corresponds to: 1pm – 3am in New York, USA  11pm – 1pm in London, UK Outside of these times, you can email through your query to and our staff will respond back to you within […]

How do I log out of my SlideBot account?

This can be accomplished in either of 2 ways: Log out from the Upload Screen By clicking the “Log Out” button in the top right corner, you will be logged out entirely and taken back to the Login Page. Log out from the Slide Edit Screen By Clicking on the “Exit” button in the top right […]

How do I view my recent presentations?

All of your recent presentations can be accessed via the ‘Recent’ menu item in the Upload Screen. You will be taken to the following page: Once here, you can simply click on any presentation you wish to view and you will be taken through to view/edit your presentation. Alternatively, you can use the search functionality to […]

How do I report an image?

We have over 25 million images available for use in our database. Whilst we have taken every possible precaution to ensure that no inappropriate images are included in this database, there many be situations where an image has been incorrectly classified at its source. As such, we would appreciate if you can report any image […]