All fees are quoted and charged in US Dollars (USD).

If I do not have any US Dollars, how will I pay?

If you reside outside of the US, it is likely that your credit card is not denominated in US dollars. We understand this.

We utilise the payment and processing services of Stripe.  As part of these services, Stripe will undertake the foreign exchange transaction (i.e. convert your currency into US dollars) automatically as the payment is being processed. 

To undertake this transaction, Stripe charges a conversion fee of 1.8% fee atop market exchange rates.

What exchange rate will I be charged?

This transaction will be completed at wholesale rates from one of Stripe’s banking partners.

You may use an online resource for conversion calculation, such as Open Exchange Rates or Google’s Currency Converter, to help estimate current market rates. However, these numbers can fluctuate and may not reflect Stripe’s rates at the time of processing a payment.